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As schools reopen their doors and students return to the classroom, what will the “new normal” of special education look like? The pandemic exposed educational inequities and areas of urgent need—and now, schools have a unique opportunity to press pause and reimagine their practices.


  • Re-story students by focusing on their gifts and strengths rather than their deficits

  • Redesign instruction and assessment to be more flexible and better meet students’ unique needs

  • Restructure intervention frameworks to move away from sorting and labeling students and toward a flexible model that provides access to all

  • Revitalize co-teaching with tools and strategies for serving students with and without disabilities

  • Realign service delivery through inclusion facilitation and consultative supports

  • Rethink equity by creating a culture of belonging, dismantling exclusionary programs, and tackling individual and institutional biases

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Jenna is also scheduling keynotes and professional development workshops around this topic.  Her uplifting keynote, "Rethinking School: Inclusive Education to Move Us Forward," is a visionary call to action.  She challenges educators to take the lessons of 2020 by closely examining the “old ways,” letting go of practices that don’t serve students, and creating new routines and environments that meet the needs of every learner. This inspiring workshop uses inclusive education as a lever for positive change.  Email Jenna at to schedule today.