I'm Dr. Jenna Mancini Rufo, Founder of empowerED, an education consulting firm with expertise in inclusion, equity, leadership, and strategic planning.  My mission is to help school systems become more inclusive, engaging, and welcoming of all students!

With experience as a former Assistant Superintendent, Special Education Director, Policy Specialist, and special education teacher, I help learning organizations translate theory to practice when implementing systems change.  I provide relevant and enjoyable professional development to schools to help educators be their best, and assist leaders in planning and change  management.

Growing up with a sibling with a disability, I was inspired to enter the field of education so that today's students could have the opportunities my sister did not.


"I deeply valued Jenna’s relentless work ethic, her poised and articulate expression of insightful ideas, her ever-present empathy for the needs of others, and her sharp intellect—but most of all, I valued her integrity and trustworthiness.”

“Dr. Rufo has the perspective and ability to understand what is needed at the building level, as well as the bigger picture of leading a district level department."

“Jenna leads with passion and integrity and understands how to lead change in a K-12 organization.  She has a personality that connects with all people.”


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